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QFD Engineering Consulting Ltd. (since 2023 QFD Group Ltd.) was established in 2003 with the purpose to provide comprehensive solutions for companies in Hungary and the surrounding countries. We can help your company implementing management systems, operating systems - by providing related trainings, - and offering quick and professional solutions for malfunctions that can occur during operation.

The primary profile of our company is to provide trainings related to Automotive Quality Management Systems and Integrated Management Systems, along with system development consulting and system operation support. Apart from the Automotive Industry, we are eager to offer our services to any company where the goal is to achieve and increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency in management systems through effective utilization of the possibilities in the process- and risk management.

One might say that the Automotive Industry is merely one of the countless working industries, however, it is not less competitive than the rest. For a company to be able to fulfill the demanded requirements successfully, it must possess efficient experience.

Therefore, when selecting our staff, we look for people who have several years of work experience in the automotive industry. We believe that we can only help our clients with our team consisting of professionals who have worked for automotive companies themselves as executives. They need to know the differences and the commonalities between the theories written in the books and the problems that require immediate decisions in a company’s life.

You can count on our help when it comes to developing, implementing management systems, and also when you need solutions for supporting existing systems. By doing this, we provide you with the necessary trainings, help you conducting internal and supplier audits, improve poorly performing suppliers, or help to solve customer escalation problems.

We offer comprehensive solutions to our partners that they can measure in significant financial results rather than in their received certificates.

We are proudly announcing that since the 1st of September 2011 QFD Engineering Consulting Ltd. has become the official license partner of VDA QMC for Hungary, then since the 1st of April 2017 for five additional countries in the South-East region, like Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia.

Founded in 2001, the VDA QMC (Quality Management Center in the German Association of the Automotive Industry) training center provides expertise in all areas of quality in the automotive industry. We offer professional knowledge, many years of automotive experience, and the transfer of quality know-how to our clients.

As part of our contract with VDA QMC, we are gradually making this knowledge available to the Hungarian automotive industry. Our tutors - trained and approved by VDA QMC - guarantee the same level of quality as the original German trainings.

Hope we have further cooperation in the future!

With Best Regards,

Mr. András Viktor SZABÓ
Managing Director



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