Interim menedzsment


Interim Management

At certain times organizations do not have enough or adequate human resources. With our interim management and engineering services, we help our clients bridge those time periods and keep the operational processes working until the position will be filled in with the appropriate full-time employee. Our professionals can access and use all QFD resources during their interim appointment.

QFD has already tried to meet such requests and tasks, but due to the growing demand, we already offer our interim service as an independent service with expanded capacity.

Recently we helped many of our partners e.g.:

  • 8D problem solving
  • FMEA moderation
  • system or process development
  • management system implementation and maintenance
  • or escalation management consultancy (to support the client to get out from customer sanctions, special statuses) service areas.

Our experts and consultants with domestic and international experience, experienced in several fields, can effectively support our clients in analyzing the situation and developing the appropriate strategy.

Are you interested in this service? Do you have a task that you want to handle with such an interim solution?

In order to clarify the situation and develop a proposal for a solution, we will organize a consultation with the involvement of an expert.

Contact our employees for information!

Contact persons

Mr. Tamás NOVÁK

Sales Manager

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